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Conviction of a second DWI within a five year period is a class A misdemeanor.

  • JAIL:  Up to a maximum of one year in jail.  
  • FINE: Up to $1,000.00, plus court costs.
  • PROBATION:  Must serve mandatory 48 hours of incarceration before you are eligible for probation.  The jail requirement may be waived in lieu of doing 10 hours of community service.  The terms of probation are standard:  no breaking the law, drinking or going to places where alcohol is served.  You must also attend SATOP classes, the court may require you to attend AA meetings, outpatient treatments or inpatient programs.  Probation is for one or two years.
  • REVOCATION OF DRIVER’S LICENSE:  Conviction of a second DWI within five years results in a five year revocation of driving privileges.  You can apply for a hardship license after two years.  This suspension goes on your driver’s record and 12 points will be assessed against your license.  The court may also require that a person be restricted to driving a vehicle with an interlock ignition device while on probation.  The device costs about $50 - $100 to install and approximately $50 - $75 month to maintain.