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Stop sign tickets in Missouri are very common and carry different points on your license depending on where you get the ticket / which type of law enforcement officer writes the ticket.

This article discusses stop sign tickets in Missouri and how to get them resolved with a minimum fine and no points on your record.

Stop sign tickets received as a municipal ordinance violation, typically from a violation within a municipality with its own police force, carry 1 point if there is no accident, 2 if there is an accident.

Stop sign tickets in Missouri carry 2 points if charged under state law, usually by a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper.

They also carry 2 points if charged under a county’s ordinance, and we usually see that where the person was pulled over by a county’s sheriff officer.

No matter how many points the ticket carries, you can hire a stop sign ticket lawyer St. Charles to get the ticket amended to zero points, which will keep the points off your license and from insurance premiums increasing.

Remember that these tickets are usually given from an officer watching the driver from a fixed position.  Sometimes that position is not at a good angle because the officer does not want to be seen.   This can work to your advantage since your lawyer can point that out.  It’s not that unusual to use things like Google Maps to our client’s advantage because we can confirm the location of the officer and make the argument that from the officer’s angle our client appeared to not come to a full stop but actually did.


In any event, in almost every case we can get the ticket amended to a no-point violation with a reasonable fine.  That is not a bad second outcome if that’s how things work out.  Remember also that by hiring a lawyer, you avoid having to attend court in the first place.  Municipal courts in the St. Louis area are held during the week, either during working hours or in the evening.  If you don’t hire a lawyer you can plan on having to take an entire morning off from work, or losing an evening to sitting in court waiting for your chance to speak to a prosecutor.

Charles J. Moore is the founder and owner of Traffic Ticket Center.  He has been both a municipal prosecutor and a defense attorney during in his 17 years of practice, experience which greatly enhances his clients in cases where they are charged with a traffic offense, regardless of the charge.