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Stop sign tickets in Missouri are very common and carry different points on your license depending on where you get the ticket / which type of law enforcement officer writes the ticket.

This article discusses stop sign tickets in Missouri and how to get them resolved with a minimum fine and no points on your record.

Stop sign tickets received as a municipal ordinance violation, typically from a violation within a municipality with its own police force, carry 1 point if there is no accident, 2 if there is an accident.

Stop sign tickets in Missouri carry 2 points if charged under state law, usually by a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper.

They also carry 2 points if charged under a county’s ordinance, and we usually see that where the person was pulled over by a county’s sheriff officer.

No matter how many points the ticket carries, you can hire a stop sign ticket lawyer St. Charles to get the ticket amended to zero points, which will keep the points off your license and from insurance premiums increasing.

Remember that these tickets are usually given from an officer watching the driver from a fixed position.  Sometimes that position is not at a good angle because the officer does not want to be seen.   This can work to your advantage since your lawyer can point that out.  It’s not that unusual to use things like Google Maps to our client’s advantage because we can confirm the location of the officer and make the argument that from the officer’s angle our client appeared to not come to a full stop but actually did.


In any event, in almost every case we can get the ticket amended to a no-point violation with a reasonable fine.  That is not a bad second outcome if that’s how things work out.  Remember also that by hiring a lawyer, you avoid having to attend court in the first place.  Municipal courts in the St. Louis area are held during the week, either during working hours or in the evening.  If you don’t hire a lawyer you can plan on having to take an entire morning off from work, or losing an evening to sitting in court waiting for your chance to speak to a prosecutor.

Charles J. Moore is the founder and owner of Traffic Ticket Center.  He has been both a municipal prosecutor and a defense attorney during in his 17 years of practice, experience which greatly enhances his clients in cases where they are charged with a traffic offense, regardless of the charge.





A careless and imprudent driving ticket is a serious charge issued to Missouri drivers.  A careless and imprudent driving ticket, also known informally as a C&I, can lead to a serious rise in insurance premiums.

This article discusses different examples of careless and imprudent driving tickets in Missouri and why you should hire a traffic ticket attorney St. Charles to resolve them in court for you.

Since Missouri does not have a reckless driving statute, a C&I ticket in Missouri is usually designed to cover situations where the driver acted recklessly.

Examples are as follows:

Driver Dan fails to drive in a careful and prudent manner by weaving in and out of lanes in a 35 mph maximum speed zone.  Or he causes and accident by passing someone in the right lane and not using his turn signal.  Or he has a road rage incident where he ends up tailgating another driver for an excessive distance.

A C&I ticket can have strong penalties in Missouri.  If a driver is ticketed but there was not an accident involved, it is generally charged as a Class B Misdemeanor, with a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for a conviction.

Where there is an accident related to the careless and imprudent driving, the offense is charged as a Class A Misdemeanor with a maximum of a year in jail and $2,000 fine for a conviction.

Just as important, a conviction for a C&I results in four (4) points added to your license.  In addition to rising insurance premiums, the driver is half way to an administrative suspension of their driving privileges.

Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) charges can sometimes be plead down to a careless and imprudent driving ticket, depending on the police report and available evidence.  A DWI that is reduced to a careless and imprudent driving plea is a good outcome compared to a conviction for DWI.  This outcome is often called a “wet reckless”.

It’s very important to hire a St. Charles careless and imprudent ticket lawyer to assist you with resolving your ticket because they are often very subjective.  We successfully had a ticket dismissed completely when I explained to the prosecutor that the sudden move to a right lane from a left lane by our client was not careless and imprudent but the exact opposite.

The officer in that case had not realized that the driver in front of our client had stopped suddenly to avoid hitting an animal in the road.  As a result my client had no time to brake and his only option was to swerve to avoid hitting him.  No accident was caused and the prosecutor dismissed the ticket after I provided this explanation.


There are often a variety of reasons people appear to act careless and imprudent while driving here in Missouri that can actually be explained with a valid reason for that action, often which is in fact very careful and prudent driving!

Charles J. Moore is the founder and owner of Traffic Ticket Center.  He has been both a municipal prosecutor and a defense attorney during in his 17 years of practice, experience which greatly enhances his clients in cases where they are charged with a traffic offense, regardless of the charge.




Traffic Tickets And The Missouri Driver Improvement Program…

Traffic Tickets And The Missouri Driver Improvement Program…

Driver Improvement Program
Driver Improvement Program


Over the last few years, more and more municipalities are making the resolution of traffic tickets  by clients to first complete the Missouri Driver Improvement Program, or “DIP”.

As a careless driving traffic ticket attorney St. Peters, I am very familiar with all the workings of the various municipal courts in St. Charles County.  The traditional system where prosecutors were amenable to reducing tickets to non-moving violations in exchange for a fine has been heavily scrutinized.

Most of this scrutiny has been negative and as a result changes have been made.

The Missouri Supreme Court now caps  how much some municipalities in and around the St. Louis area can charge drivers for traffic ticket fines.  And they also cap the percentage of revenue for  a town that can come from court fines.

One effect this has had for a traffic ticket St. Charles are lower fines but prosecutors requiring some action by the driver to show improvement.  More and more, we are seeing a requirement that our clients complete the Missouri Driver Improvement Program.

Sometimes we are seeing that the prosecutor allow an amendment to a non-moving violation with no points (which keeps your insurance premiums lower) after the driver shows completion of the program.  And in other cases, the program must be completed before the prosecutor will even offer an amendment.

This eight (8) hour program is essentially a defense driving class with information about how to avoid a DWI charge, how to safely share the road, rights-of-way, speeding, blind spots and tailgating.  It also discusses the dangers of texting and driving and other forms of distracted drivers.

It can be taken online and the cost ranges from $12 to $30 depending on the approved provider you use.

In some cases, the Missouri Driver Improvement Program is used by traffic ticket attorney near me to lessen more serious charges that may not otherwise be amended.  In other words, lawyers sometimes use the availability of the program proactively to get a better outcome for their clients.  Our office has used this tactic many times with consistent success.

The DIP class must not only be court approved by you must receive a passing score of 70% or better.  Once completed, the proof of completion is usually forwarded to the court.  You can also contact your insurance agent to find out if completing the court can ensure your insurance rates will stay the same, regardless of the outcome of your case.

Here is a link to the course:

First DWI Charge And Your Driver’s License in St. Peters…

First DWI Charge And Your Driver’s License in St. Peters…

DWI Missouri


              If you have received a first DWI charge in St. Peters you should read this article to learn about what can happen to your license and what can happen in court.  That’s because in Missouri, a DWI charge is essentially two separate cases.

The first case is an administrative case and deals with your license and whether it will be lost, suspended or revoked.*

The second case is the case for the crime of a first DWI, i.e. the criminal case resolved in the court where the case was filed.  For most first DWI cases, that case will be in the municipal court of the city issuing the ticket.  Or if your first DWI charge Missouri was ticketed by a sheriff, most likely in the county municipal court.

Let’s review a quick example:  Say Sam Speedy gets pulled over in St. Peters by a St. Peters police officer.  He’s charged with DWI and speeding.  Because it’s his first ever DWI charge, his case will be heard in St. Peters Municipal Court.  His administrative case will be heard in an administrative review, which just happens to be held in the St. Charles Municipal Court.

What happens to my license when I am charged?

Whether or not  you provided a breath test sample (or samples) when you were taken to the police station, before you are released they will take away your Missouri driver’s license and issue a 15 Day Temporary Driving Permit.

You can see what one looks like here:

The Temporary Driving Permit (Form 2385) is in fact your driver’s license for the following 15 days.

Under Missouri law, however, if you do not request an administrative hearing within 15 days of the date of your arrest for DWI, your license is automatically suspended for 90 days.

It is almost always in your best interest to hire a DWI lawyer St. Peters who will contest the loss of your license in an administrative hearing.  First, your attorney may be able to prove that there was no probable cause for the stop.

And during the time that case is pending, your license suspension will be stayed, i.e. your license will not be suspended.  Therefore, you can get your ducks in a row with transportation in the event you eventually lose your DWI administrative hearing.

In most cases, requesting an administrative hearing will preserve your driving privilege for at least 45 day.  That’s because the administrative hearing will not usually be scheduled before then.  In many cases, it will be scheduled farther out than that and in only a few cases would it be less than that.

Your DWI lawyer near me can also generally re-schedule administrative hearings as a matter of right one time.

What happens at the administrative hearing?

The only issue to be determined by the administrative judge at the administrative hearing is whether the officer had probable cause to pull you over and if they followed proper procedures after the stop.  Your attorney can subpoena the officer(s) who pulled you over and question as to the reason for the stop.

Should your attorney be able to prove that they didn’t have a valid reason for the stop (did not have probable cause), you will keep your license.

If you lose your administrative hearing, your license is suspended about 15 days after the administrative judge makes his or her ruling.

If I lose my license what happens?

Your license is suspended by the Missouri Department of Revenue for 90 days.  During the first 30 days you cannot drive at all.  However, you can request a limited driving privilege in Missouri for the remaining 60 days of suspension.  If granted, you can drive to and from work and/or school, to medical appointments or to attend a substance abuse program.

What about losing my license after a second or third DWI in Missouri?

For a second DWI, that depends on how close it was in relation to the first DWI.  If the second DWI is within five (5) years of the first, your license can be revoked for up to 5 years.  A third conviction can result in a ten (10) year loss revocation.

Why should I hire a DWI lawyer near me?

The consequences of a DWI conviction are severe.  Remember that a charge, however, is not the same as a conviction.  Officers often don’t follow proper procedure. This can be proven via a combination of their testimony and their completed police report.  The narrative in the report is often very informative regarding the stop.

An experienced DWI lawyer knows how to extract that testimony from the officer and can review all of the documentation related to the stop.

I’ve personally saved client’s licenses from being suspended by seeing improperly completed documentation before the hearing.  I’ve also discovered weaknesses in the handling of the stop at the scene.

As I tell clients, if the police did their jobs correctly, it’s often hard to beat a DWI charge.  However, you’ll never discover this without experienced legal help.


Have a job where you must have a car? Do you value your freedom to travel around in a car? The loss of your  license stemming from a DWI charge St. Charles County can be incredibly scary.   You do have rights, however, and the loss of the license is only automatic if you do nothing.

* For the purpose of this article we are only talking about your driver’s license when a breath test sample is provided by the driver, the sample is over .08 BAC and the driver does not hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and not when the driver refuses to provide a breath test, commonly referred to as a separate charge called a Refusal To Provide A Breath Test. 




                A question I get asked a lot by people as a DWI defense lawyer St. Peters is what is the difference between DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) versus DUI (Driving Under the Influence)?  It’s a question that I get quite a bit and it’s one that I’m used to answering.   This article will explain the differences and similarities.


The simple answer is while they are technically two different offenses in Missouri, a DWI and a DUI are both similar.  In both charge the driver is alleged to have been impaired, either because of alcohol (DWI) or because of drugs (DUI).

A driver is ticketed with a DWI when they have been found to have a higher than .08 BAC (blood alcohol content).

A driver can be charged with DUI where they are found to be under the influence of intoxicating substances while driving such that impairs their driving ability.

With a DUI, the intoxicating substance can be over the counter medication, marijuana, prescription medication or even cold medicine.  With a DUI, there is not a BAC to measure but the observations of the officer and the statements of the driver can be evidence of DUI.


In Missouri, the penalties for DWI and DUI are pretty much the same.  Under RSMo. Section 577.010 link: , a first offense conviction for DWI or DUI is a Class B Misdemeanor and eight (8) points on your license.  This is in addition to significant fines, up to six (6) months in jail and, perhaps most important, a loss of your license for at least 30 days.

A second DWI or DUI offense is a Class A Misdemeanor.  However, you will now be considered a “prior offender”, with fines up to $1,000, 30 days of community service and a license suspension for one year.  You may also be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device, which won’t allow you to start your car if you have alcohol in your system.

A third DWI / DUI is now considered a Class A felony in Missouri and may include the violator being sentenced to a term of imprisonment.  Fines are even higher and loss of license is much longer.


The bottomline is that anyone charged with a DWI or a DUI in Missouri must act quickly and obtain legal counsel to avoid an automatic loss of license occurring for non-action.  There are immediate impacts of a DWI or DUI conviction and then there are long term impacts, both of which must be understood by someone facing these charges.

An experienced DWI attorney St. Peters can review your case and possibly beat the charges, get them reduced to a lesser charge, or if your case is one that should be plead, help reduce the impact of the penalties.


Missouri Traffic Tickets:  Our Process

Missouri Traffic Tickets: Our Process


Traffic Ticket Center in St. Charles County, Missouri can assist you with your St. Peters speeding ticket or St. Peters traffic ticket.

We are highly experienced in helping clients with traffic violations in all areas of Missouri, including: Kansas City, St. Louis, Mid-Missouri, Northwest Missouri, Northeast Missouri, Southeast Missouri, Southwest Missouri and Missouri Highway Patrol.



First, call our office to provide your contact information, your traffic ticket number, the violation, and the city or county where you received your ticket so we can provide you with a quote.


Once we know more specifics about your situation, we will provide you with your options.  You can hire us at our office or over the telephone.  Convenience and speed are major positives of hiring our firm to represent you.


When you give us your consent to proceed, we will begin by entering a “Not Guilty” plea on your behalf.  We will notify the prosecutor of all facts in your favor.  Are you a good driver?  Are  you a good citizen?  In the military?  Was the weather bad that day? Were you having a bad day?  Our job is to present you as a person rather than a name on a piece of paper.  We put your best foot forward which can often make a huge difference in the disposition of the case (how the case is resolved).


Next, the attorney will negotiate with the Prosecutor  to amend the charges against you.  The goal is to avoid accumulation of points on your license which also avoids an increase in insurance rates.  Some cases are much harder to negotiate with than others.  For example, if you get a speeding ticket for driving 45 in a 30 mph zone that’s one thing.  However, 75 in a 30 mph zone is a different story.  Luckily, we know that there are alternative sentencing options out there.  For example, for high speed, prosecutors will often reduce the ticket to a non-moving violation (what you want) if you complete a Driver Improvement Program (DIP).


Once we receive an amended charge from the Prosecution, we will call you and discuss the process moving forward.  Payment of fines can often be done via credit card or check.  You will have to pay your fine and enter your guilty plea to the amended charge.


I’ve practiced law in California and New Jersey and I can tell you that the process for traffic ticket attorney is much different in those states than here.  St. Louis is particularly unique even in Missouri.  Nevertheless this is the system we have.  But, most of that system works to your favor.  It’s much cheaper here to resolve tickets, you often don’t even need to meet with your lawyer and you will almost never need to go to court unless your charged with a serious matter like a DWI.

Traffic Ticket center can assist you with your traffic ticket as well as DWI’s, alcohol and drug offenses and general criminal defense.  Call us today at (636) 486-2669.

Motorcycle License Issues in Missouri…

Motorcycle License Issues in Missouri…

Motorcycle License Issues in Missouri

Being a traffic ticket lawyer near me means that I have to know about different types of license classes.

Motorcyle License Class in Missouri

In Missouri, a Class M motorcycle license or permit, or a driver license with the M endorsement are required if you operate a motorcycle or motortricycle on public roads.

You can apply for a temporary motorcycle instruction permit at 15 ½ years old.  This permit will only be issued if you have successfully completed an approved motorcycle rider training course (MRTC).  You must also have the written consent of your parent or legal guardian, as well as pass the Class F and Class M written, vision, and road sign test.  The cost for this permit is $3.75, of which, $2.75 is applied to the motorcycle rider training course. 


  • No Passengers
  • Daylight driving only
  • 50 mile limit from the operator’s home address
  • Engine with a displacement of not greater than 250 cc

Applying For A Permit

You may apply for a temporary motorcycle instruction permit at 16 years old.  You must pass the Class M written test, but you are not required to take the motorcycle rider training course.  The cost of the permit is $1.  If you apply for a permit or license at a fee license office, then you must pay an additional $2.50 handling fee.  If you do not have a driver license, you can take the Class F and Class M written tests to receive a motorcycle permit (Class F permit with an M endorsement).



  • Daylight driving only
  • No passengers
  • When you are ready, you may take the motorcycle skills test (MSHP or MRTC) to be motorcycle qualified.  The cost of a Class M motorcycle license is $7.50 for a 3-year license and $15.00 for a 6-year license.  If you apply for a license or a permit at a fee license office, you must pay an additional $2.50 handling fee for a 3-year license and a $4.00 handling fee for a 6-year license.


Motorcycle License Testing

To earn your license, you must pass an on-cycle skill test and a knowledge test.  Knowledge test questions are based on practices, information, and ideas from the Missouri manual.  You are required to understand and know road rules and safe riding practices.  An on-cycle skill test will either be conducted in a controlled, off-street area or in an actual traffic environment. 

Your Driving Test

Basic vehicle control and crash avoidance skills are included in the on-cycle tests to determine your ability to handle hazardous and normal traffic situations.

You may be tested for your ability to:

  • Accelerate, brake and turn safely.
  • See, be seen and communicate with others.
  • Know your motorcycle and your riding limits.
  • Stop, turn and swerve quickly.
  • Make critical decisions and carry them out.
  • Adjust speed and position to traffic situation.

Examiners may score on factors related to:

  • Choosing the correct path and staying within boundaries.
  • Completing normal and quick turns or swerves. 
  • Completing normal and quick stops. 
  • Selecting safe speeds to perform maneuvers.
  • To receive a motorcycle license with full privileges, most states require that maneuvers be performed as designed.  

On-cycle skill tests are not designed for sidecars and three-wheel vehicles.  Those vehicles maneuver differently than a two-wheeled motorcycle.  Depending on the state, a driver examiner may follow you on a car test-route.  Restrictions (sidecar, three-wheeled vehicle) may be added until completion of a two-wheeled cycle test. 

Motorcycle Rider Courses

Motorcycles make sense and so does professional training.  Motorcycles are inexpensive to operate, easy to park and fun to ride.  Unfortunately, many riders never learn critical skills needed to ride safely. Professional training for beginners and experienced riders prepares them for real traffic situations.  Motorcycle Rider Courses teach and improve skills, such as:

  • Braking maneuvers
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Effective turning
  • Maintenance
  • Protective apparel selection
  • Traffic strategies

Motorcycle Traffic Tickets

While most law enforcement officers won’t admit it, the truth is that riding on a motorcycle will attract more attention from cops.  Drive a bike long enough and you’ll be more likely to get a speeding ticket O’Fallon Missouri or a careless imprudent ticket lawyer.  So be extra vigilant about driving safely and within the rules of the road.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to take a Motorcycle Rider Training Course, either in addition to or in lieu of testing by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, only Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program courses are acceptable for the purpose of obtaining a Missouri motorcycle permit/license.  To locate an approved course in your area, contact the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program (MMSP) at (800) 801-3588, or online at

Traffic Ticket Center in St. Charles County Missouri can assist you with any traffic violation you get on your motorcycle.  Call us today at (636) 486-2669. 


Five Myths About Traffic Tickets…

Five Myths About Traffic Tickets…


As a traffic ticket lawyer St. Peters, I work with clients to resolve their traffic tickets in the best way possible.  Over the years, as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, I have noticed several myths about traffic tickets.

Here are five:


This is a common myth that the officer giving you the speeding ticket O’Fallon must write all the information perfectly or it’s not valid.  This is untrue.  Here is why:  no one is perfect and if there was ever a trial over the prosecutor can call the officer as a witness and have him clarify the incorrect information.  In other words, you don’t get a traffic ticket thrown out for ticky tack errors by the officer.


A couple of times a year we get people calling claiming they want the ticket thrown out because they were never shown the radar readout when they requested it at the time they were pulled over.  An officer does not have to show your speed on the radar device for the ticket to be valid.  Now, if there was a trial, the prosecutor will have to question the officer on the stand about calibration and training on the device.  However, that doesn’t usually result in a non-conviction for a speeding ticket in St. Peters.


If only this were true.  Missouri, similar to most states, have statutes that allow officers to complete a traffic stop for an event that happened in one town, even if the actual place that the car was pulled over is in another town.   Now, that doesn’t mean a traffic ticket can be given by a St. Peters officer in say O’Fallon if the site of the violation was in O’Fallon.  Officers in one town don’t have original jurisdiction in towns other than the town for which they serve.


Missouri participates in what is known as the Interstate Compact, which is an agreement between almost all of the states to share DMV information.  So if you get a ticket in Alabama but ignore it, you could up with a Missouri suspended license until you resolve the ticket in Alabama.  Worse, if you ignore it but the following year get pulled over in Alabama on your way to Florida, you’ll probably be arrested and forced to post bond.  Not a good way to start a vacation.

One other quick point on this issue:  I often get calls from people that live near out traffic ticket office in St. Peters who want me to resolve out of state tickets.  I can’t do it because I am not admitted to practice law in those states.  Best thing to do is contact an attorney in the county or city where you were pulled over and see if they can help.


So it’s not a myth that you can contest a speeding ticket in O’Fallon MO and have a trial.  Practically speaking, however, there are two problems:  First, many lawyers will not take a speeding ticket case to trial.  Second, that’s because it’s generally not financially feasible for clients.  The fine for some tickets is under $150.00.  You can usually have an attorney get your speeding ticket near reduced to a no point violation (i.e. muffler violation, etc.) by a traffic lawyer for under $150.

Trials are expensive and even if you win, you’re going to spend probably double or triple the amount of the ticket.  Principle, as they say, is expensive.


Like death and taxes, traffic tickets are a part of life.  The municipal court system in and around St. Louis is unique in that citizens can get their tickets amended to no point violations and doing so is highly competitive for lawyers so it’s extremely affordable.

Traffic Ticket Center is located at 4215 S. Old Highway 94 in St. Charles, Missouri.  We are located next to the DMV in Harvester.  We assist clients with traffic tickets of all kinds, including speeding, careless driving, commercial driving violations, suspended licenses, marijuana charges and DWI / DUI.   Call us today for a free consultation.  (636) 486-2669.

Failure To Yield Violation

Failure To Yield Violation


                    It is no secret that everyone makes mistakes while driving.  If we don’t know what we’re doing wrong, we can’t fix the problem.   Failure to yield is one of the most common Missouri moving violations and is a more complicated violation than most of our clients realize.  For example, it’s not always just a failure to properly yield into traffic after pulling through a yield traffic sign.  

Some of the more common reasons drivers are pulled over for “failure to yield” violations can be found below:


  • To cars when turning left through an intersection: Drivers turning through an intersection must yield to a lot of different people – to drivers without yield or stop signs, to vehicles going straight through the intersection, and to cyclists, pedestrians, and cars already in the intersection.
  • To pedestrians in crosswalks: At intersections and crosswalks with flashing signals or stop signs, cars must yield to pedestrians. Missouri law states that cars must yield to pedestrians in the same half of the crosswalk, or if they are close enough to the driver’s half that they might be in danger.
  • When merging onto highways: It is important to remember that vehicles already on the highway have the right of way. There is no law stating that those vehicles must let you onto the highway. Make sure to also look for motorcycles when getting on the highway.
  • At a stop sign: Not coming to a complete stop is one of the most common tickets received regarding a stop sign. But did you also know that at four-way stops, drivers to your right have the right of way?
  • After a car has been at an intersection longer than them: At almost any time when there are vehicles already at the intersection or crossing, they should have the right of way.  This can be tricky when the driver with the right of way doesn’t move until after you do.  

These situations can be extremely dangerous and lead to accidents because usually one of the drivers is not expecting a car to be coming toward them (or is not paying attention). After being involved in a failure-to-yield type accident, it is a good idea to call a police officer so that your insurance company can use their written report later.  You’ll also want to hire a traffic lawyer near me to help you get the ticket amended to a non-moving violation.

Often times a failure to yield situation can be complex and hard to figure out. It is easy for one of the parties to be blamed, although the other party could also be liable for some damages. It’s important not to admit guilt for the accident or cave under the pressure of the other party’s insurance, especially when you aren’t sure.

Traffic Ticket Center can assist you with these kinds of situations, call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION at (636)-486-2669.  

Speeding Tickets in Missouri…

Speeding Tickets in Missouri…


          A basic speeding ticket in Missouri is relatively easy for an experienced attorney to handle.   At Traffic Ticket Center, we keep our fees low because a basic speeding ticket in Missouri is a routine  procedure that we complete every day at our law office.

Unfortunately, too many people do not contact a traffic ticket attorney St. Peters to handle their ticket.  Instead, they pay the fine that is listed on the back of the ticket to be done with it.

However, this can be a costly decision.  


We have several people call to inquire about Missouri speeding tickets each day and after we explain the process and state our fee  for our firm to resolve the ticket.  We explain that the court will also assess a fine to be paid, which is set by the prosecutor.

Once the potential client hears this, they may take another look at the back of the ticket where it states they can pay the $100 fine now.  At this point we try our best to relay the consequences of paying the $100 fine to court as opposed to hiring us.  


When you simply pay the fine listed on the back of your citation, the court accepts this as an admission of guilt or admission to the fact that you were speeding.  Once it is recorded that you plead guilty to the charge, the court will pass the information along to Jefferson City where the state will assess points to your permanent driving record.  Too many points and you can have your license suspended.  

The number of points assessed will vary depending on the severity of the ticket.  Here is a link to the various types of violations and the points they carry:

Missouri Speeding Ticket


Points assessed on your driving record also leads to higher rates for car insurance.  The increase in insurance rates is because the insurance company will use the points assessed on your driving record as proof that you disregard traffic laws and are therefore a higher risk to end up in a car accident. 

Since the insurance company would have to pay out on your accident, they can use the points as an excuse to increase your rates to compensate for the added risk.  Also, insurance companies will search for any excuse to increase your rates.  It’s good business for them and tough luck for you.

It’s important to understand too that in recent years, you may have noticed that your insurance rates are increasing every year anyway, no matter how good of a driver you are.

Why is that?  Because of the increase in serious accidents involving texting and driving and distracted driving.  Therefore, it’s more important than ever to minimize already expensive insurance rates by avoiding taking points on your license.


A major advantage of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer St. Peters to handle your ticket is that in most cases, you’ll never need to attend court.  That saves you from having to take off work for a morning or afternoon court appearance, or having to waste an evening wasting for hours with everyone else.  If your time is valuable to you, hiring us will save you that valuable time.


When you hire an experienced attorney to handle the ticket, they will work with the local prosecuting attorney to get the ticket reduced from a moving violation to a non-moving violation.  A non-moving violation does not result in points on your record and therefor will not lead to an increase in insurance rates.  

Traffic Ticket Center has resolved hundreds of tickets for clients over the years and our goal is to keep your record clean and your insurance rates down.

Call us at (636) 486-2669 to learn more.